Trial of Old Drum

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Original Relase Date:
Jun 23, 2000

Inspirational, Animals, Family, Drama


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In the 1950s, a young boy, Charlie Burden Jr. (Bobby Edner), and his Golden Retriever known as Drum, share adventures in their rural town, many of which require the dog to save the boy's life: they have a boating accident and the dog pulls him from the lake; they encounter a pack of wild dogs and the dog slays them, but is gravely wounded.

Then they run head-long into a grumpy old neighbor (John Schuck), who is convinced Drum has been killing his sheep. Like Dorothy's Toto, Drum is hauled away to be executed, but Charlie's dad (Ron Perlman) hires gilded tongue attorney George Graham Vest (Scott Bakula) to defend the canine before a jury and a judge.

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Cast & Crew

Bobby Edner
Charlie Burden Jr. (young)
Ron Perlman
Charles Burden Sr.
Randy Travis
Charlie Burden Jr. (old)
Alexis O'Keefe
John Schuck
Uncle Lon
Dick Martin
Mayor Meyers
Troy Evans
David Graf
Tom Dugan
Kathy Garver
Aunt Katey
Henry Polic II
Doc Thompson
Alia Shawkat