Dennis Quaid Becomes ‘Reagan’ and Tells Mr. Gorbachev to Tear Down This Wall in First Trailer for Biopic

By J. Kim Murphy, Variety

Well, the first trailer for Dennis Quaid‘s Ronald Reagan biopic has debuted. The actor plays the 40th President of the United States in the feature, which promises to span the major events of Reagan’s life, including his confrontation with childhood bullies, his acting career and time leading the Screen Actors Guild and his ascendant rise in politics bolstered by anti-communist rhetoric. Set to a cover of Tears for Fears’ ’80s hit”Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” the trailer tracks how Reagan wanted to rule the free world — and did.

“I was a lifeguard on a river. And I learned how to read the currents — not just the ones on the surface, but also the ones deep underneath the water,” President Reagan says in the trailer, drawing a comparison to his own eye for geopolitical tensions. The footage also teases more well-known moments from the conservative President’s tenure, including an attempted assassination on him and a climactic stinger of Reagan’s speech in West Berlin.

The cast also includes Penelope Ann Miller as First Lady Nancy Reagan, Mena Suvari as his first wife Jane Wyman, Lesley-Anne Down as Margaret Thatcher, Kevin Dillon as Jack L. Warner and Jon Voight as Petrovich, a Soviet who claims to have spied on Reagan for years.

‘Vindicta’ Trailer Brings Sean Astin & Jeremy Piven Face to Face in Horror-Thriller — Collider

Chris McPherson

The movie also stars Elena Kampouris and is directed by Sean McNamara.

The Big Picture

  • Get ready for a thrilling and terrifying experience with Vindicta , a new horror film featuring a sadistic serial killer and a deadly game of vengeance.
  • The movie stars Elena Kampouris, Jeremy Piven, and Sean Astin, known for their memorable roles in various popular films and TV shows.
  • Directed by Sean McNamara, Vindicta promises to keep you on the edge of your seat as it unveils the dark secrets of its characters’ haunted pasts.

Horror fans. Thriller fans. Come along for a fright and some fun, as Collider is delighted to exclusively bring you a first look at Vindicta , a thrilling new horror from director Sean McNamara and features Elena Kampouris, Jeremy Piven, and Sean Astin. The movie sees a sadistic serial killer on the loose, while a wily police officer and a very green paramedic must join forces in order to stop the chaos before it’s too late, and to do so, they must confront the sins of their past.

The movie is directed by Sean McNamara (On a Wing and a Prayer), and is based on a story by Steven Paul, while the screenplay has been put together by Ian Neligh. Paul also serves as a producer, while Scott Karol and Charles Cooper are on board in the executive producer roles.

Astin had a famous, and career-defining role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy as the heart and soul of the story, gardener Samwise Gamgee, and also appeared in Season 2 of Stranger Things as the beloved character Bob Newby, who was in a relationship with Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder). Piven is renowned for his portrayal of the firebrand talent agent-turned-Hollywood magnate Ari Gold in the HBO series Entourage , and its subsequent movie, and featured prominently in the period drama series Mr Selfridge. Kampouris is slated to star in the upcoming movieMy Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,which also stars Nia Vardalosand John Corbett,and she also had a leading role in the 2020 remake of Children of the Corn.

What Can We Expect from ‘Vindicta’?

Image via Paramount

The official logline for Vindicta sets up the plot, which sounds as exciting and nasty as one could hope from a film that fits so nicely into these genres.

When a city is terrorized by a sadistic serial killer, a seasoned detective and a newly recruited paramedic are forced into a deadly game of vengeance, only to discover the key to stopping the bloodshed lies in unlocking the truth of their own haunted pasts. Elena Kampouris (Children of the Corn), Jeremy Piven (Entourage), and Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings franchise) star in this edge-of-your-seat thriller from the director of On a Wing and Prayer.

Vindicta will be released in select theatres and will be available to purchase via digital outlets on October 6.

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