BAU, Artist at War

Original Release Date:
November 3, 2023

Comedy Drama Romance

Not rated

Emile Hirsch Joins Cast of Holocaust Drama ‘Bau, Artist at War’ (VARIETY)


Based on the true story of Joseph and Rebecca Bau whose wedding took place in the Plaszow concentration camp during WW2. Bau, Artist at War is a war drama/love story/espionage tale that needs to be told in this era where survivors are dying, and the Holocaust is slipping from memory. Using his artistic skills in the camps, Joseph stays alive and helps hundreds to escape. Miraculously, he finds love in the midst of despair. A love that will last a lifetime. Years later, when called to be a key witness in the trial of the brutal Nazi officer who tortured him and killed his father, he is thrust back into vivid memories of the Holocaust. Now, he calls upon this love and resilience of spirit to face the ultimate demon of his past.