Original Release Date:
August 3, 2007

Feel Good Movie, Friendship, Slice of Life, Highschool, Inspirational




Four best friends start high school. Each one is unique and likes their own thing. When Meredith, the most popular girl, sees this she automatically knows they are trouble. Eventually though Cloe joins the soccer team and hangs out with them, Sasha joins the cheer leading squad and hangs out with the cheerleaders, Jade is part of the math club so she hangs out with them, and Yasmin is left all alone.

After years of not talking to each other Jade and Yasmin speak a few words in the restroom but Yasmin doesn’t have the courage to tell Jade she misses her. Then the four girls are reunited when they are sent to detention for causing a food fight.


In their teenybopper toy transition to the screen, the Bratz dolls go live, with their kinkier side toned down and flashier accent on cute and trendy, in Sean McNamara’s Bratz. In any case, the flirty foursome seemingly insist from the outset that they’re no Barbies. Or are they.
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